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Cloud-based video surveillance designed for the cyber-security conscious customer seeking maximum flexibility in their choices of cameras and locations.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is a cloud security camera system which provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want – 100% cloud recording. This cloud video system has been architected from the ground up to be all cloud all the time. You can click and add an analog or IP camera at any time. You can click and change how long you keep your recordings.

Eagle Eye Video API Platform

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform is a comprehensive REST-based API for recording, indexing, and storing video surveillance footage.

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform handles all of the heavy-lifting including interfacing to the cameras, recording video, securely transmitting it to the cloud, storing it, and making it available to use in your applications. All of the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS user interfaces (web, iOS, Android) have been built using this API.


 Access Control & Intrusion

Combined Functionality of Video and Access Control:

  • Permanently log and store video from entrances any time the access control system is activated.
  • Protect valuables by identifying who entered your facility after hours.
  • Centralized management of all of a facility’s security operations.
  • Correlate video with events and activities from within your access control system.

Enterprise Analytics

Turn Video Into Powerful Business Insight:

  • Real-time alerts with video result in quicker, more efficient responses and resolution
  • Select specific parameters, such as time, activity, location, and review only the video that meets those requirements
  • Make smarter business decisions by dissecting video data with reports, charts, and graphs
  • Optimize operations and increase revenue by planning proper staffing and improving customer satisfaction

Point of Sale

Impactful Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips:

  • Provide visual verification of each transaction by synchronizing video and POS data
  • Monitor video that is tied to POS transactions to rapidly detect suspicious transactions
  • Reduce loss and fraud that may occur at POS terminal with video
  • Instantly search and view the video of specific transactions across single or multiple stores

Fleet Management

Software Focused on Smooth Operations:

  • Provide insight on dispatch times and job scheduling
  • Manage repair centers
  • Track status and asset lifecycles
  • Monitor the behavior of your drivers

Medical Facilities

Increase Security, Control Costs, and Improve Operations:

  • Use video to improve treatment and training applications in hospitals, trauma centers, surgical suites, etc.
  • Increase overall security and safety within medical facilities
  • Prevent dishonest claims and help resolve employee disputes
  • Provide digital storage where the surveillance video is easily accessible to authorized users
  • Receive notifications and see video clips when individuals enter restricted areas

Video Alarm Monitoring

View Live and Recorded Video Correlated with Events:

  • Provide higher level of service to your customers by granting video access to monitoring center employees
  • Increase recurring revenue and improve retention periods
  • Capture new business in municipalities that mandate video alarm verification before dispatch

Franchise Management

Connections Where it Counts:

  • Ensure brand consistency and cleanliness across multiple locations
  • Help franchise owners manage employees, equipment, and performance
  • View the live and recorded video for multiple locations on one screen
  • Video of customer incidents or accidents can be linked to details within your system


View Live and Recorded Video Correlated with Sensor Events:

  • Identify problems and quickly solve root causes
  • Improve business operations and provide more insight to your customers
  • Enhanced video notifications can be set to notify users of particular events
  • Synchronized video monitoring to review specific events after the fact

Warehouse & Robotics

Reduce theft and minimize incidents:

  • Instant alerts can be triggered in case of incident and video readily reviewed
  • View live video or recorded video to assess incidences
  • Remotely monitor footage from anytime, anywhere

Axis Network Cameras

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all.

Our cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy.

Analytic applications developed by Axis and our partners transform our network cameras into business tools. They can alert you to developing situations and help you make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation. Data can also be integrated with your other systems.

A wide range of network video surveillance solutions including cameras and encoders, Video Management Software and recorders, analytics and applications. Our IP-based portfolio ensures scalability and simplifies integration.

Axis offer a wide range of Camera types

Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic cameras give you wide-area coverage with just one camera. You can use them to monitor activities and detect incidents in large areas, track the flow of people, and improve area management. And because just one camera plays the role of many, your installation and system costs are kept lower.

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PTZ Cameras

Axis PTZ network cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events. The result is maximum protection and minimum costs.

The cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent features and can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected events. They can also be easily integrated into a system with other cameras.

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Fixed Box Cameras

Fixed box cameras from Axis send a powerful message of deterrence to potential offenders: Think twice. We’re watching. That’s because they provide a clearly visible, fixed angle of view, making it easy to see exactly where they’re pointing and allowing you to record a precisely defined area. Our fixed box portfolio includes CS-mount cameras with interchangeable lenses.

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Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person.

A thermal camera is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, backlight, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Specialty Cameras

Axis specialty cameras include specific features not offered by our standard products. For example, AXIS P9106-V Brushed Steel is a corner-mounted camera specially designed for installations in elevators where it can blend in seamlessly with any high-end interior design.

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Kantech-Onboard Integration

High Performance Video Surveillance and Access Control on a Single Server

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Powerful Access Control Software

  • Intuitive yet powerful full-featured software
  • Easily scales from controlling a few doors to thousands of doors and managing thousands of cards at multiple locations
  • Supports up to 20 workstations and up to 50 concurrent logins of EntraPass Web and/or EntraPass Go
  • Add an unlimited number of cardholders with up to 5 cards each
  • Standardize network administration with SQL/Oracle integration, redundant servers and AD/LDAP integration
  • Receive real-time e-mail notifications and quickly create reports
  • Automate integration with intelligent devices such as video multiplexers, HVAC systems, LCD panels, video matrix switcher through SmartLink

See and Control Access Control Events in exacqVision

  • Improve response time to critical alarms and events by monitoring and controlling doors from exacqVision while viewing associated cameras
  • Easily search video for specific cardholder names or numbers
  • Quickly find cameras and doors through map functionality
  • Monitor and control from Exacq Mobile, exacqVision Web, or exacqVision PC client or EntraPass Web or EntraPass Go mobile app

Reduce Complete Security Costs

  • Eliminate separate server for access control
  • Reduce power, cooling and rack space costs
  • Faster installation with pre-loaded software on a single server
  • Integrates with DSC PowerSeries Neo and MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels for a complete solution



6MP WDR IR Dome Network Camera

· 1/2.9” 6Megapixel progressive scan STARVIS™ CMOS
· H.265&H.264 dual-stream encoding
· 20fps@6M(3072×2048),25/30fps@4M(2688×1520)
· Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC
· Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
· 7mm ~35mm 5X zoom lens
· Max. IR LEDs Length 100m
· Micro SD card memory, IP67,IK10, PoE+

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6MP WDR IR Mini Bullet Network Camera

· 1/2.9” 6Megapixel progressive scan STARVISTM CMOS
· H. 265&H.264 triple-stream encoding
· 20fps@6MP(3072×2048), 25/30fps@4MP(2688×1520)
· Smart Detection supported
· WDR(120dB), Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC
· Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
· 2.8mm fixed lens (3.6mm, 6mm optional)
· Max. IR LEDs Length 80m
· Micro SD Memory,IP67,IK10, PoE

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6MP IR Eyeball Network Camera

· 1/2.9” 6Megapixel progressive scan STARVISTM CMOS
· H.265&H.264 triple-stream encoding
· 20fps@6MP(3072×2048), 25/30fps@4MP(2688×1520)
· Smart detection supported
· WDR(120dB), Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR,AWB,AGC,BLC
· Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
· 2.8mm fixed lens (3.6mm optional)
· Built-in Mic
· Max. IR LEDs Length 50m
· Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE

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16/32/64 Channel 2U 16PoE 4K&H.265 Pro Network Video Recorder

· Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG
· Max 320Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
· Supports RAID 0/1/5/10
· Up to 12MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
· 2HDMI/2VGA simultaneous video output
· 1-8 PoE Ports Support 800m ePoE & EoC

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GV-Tower NVR System V2 RevB

The GV-Tower NVR System V2 (Rev. B) comes with 4 hot-swap drive bays for the storage of 40 TB. This system has Intel Core i5 and features the latest upgraded NVR system and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Embedded OS. GV-Tower NVR System V2 (Rev. B) supports up to 32 channels of GV-IP devices or third-party IP devices (license required). You can also bring the surveillance on the HDTV with a HDMI cable. It is a towering, affordable, and efficient NVR system that you have ever seen.

  • Powered by Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 64-bit Windows Embedded OS
  • Support GPU Decoding
  • 4-bay hot-swap data HDD
  • Maximum storage capacity of 40 TB
  • Pre-installed SSD for recovery
  • Dual Gigabit LAN ports
  • 2-monitor display with HDMI outputs
  • Support for 3rd party IP devices
  • Support for 32 channels (Pure IP solution)
  • All-in-one solution (Live View, Playback, Recording, Backup, CMS)
  • Video analysis
  • Fisheye Dewarping Function
  • Automatic connection to GV-IP devices
  • H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG / MPEG4
  • On-screen LED panel for HDD status
  • Smart device access
  • Multiple (31) languages

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GV‐Hot Swap VMS System V5 RevE-3U,16-Bay,8-Bay

The GV-Hot Swap VMS System V5 features a powerful data storage capacity. It comes with a selection of 4U (20-bay) or 3U (16 / 8-bay) and hot-swappable SATA mobile racks. Depending on HDD size, the GV-Hot Swap VMS System V5 can store up to 200 terabytes of recorded data. Support for hot-swapping makes data storage and management more convenient.

GeoVision Surveillance System empowers the GV-Hot Swap VMS System V5 with a maximum of 64 audio and video channels. Its networking capability makes remote access and control of the system possible. Additionally, its compatibility with other GeoVision accessories can cater to any kind of needs or budgets. By extending the compatibility to the third-party IP devices (license required), GV-VMS software provides a pure IP solution to GV-Hot Swap VMS System V5.

  • Powered by Intel Core i7 Processor
  • 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Support H.265 CPU and GPU decoding
  • Support up to 64 channels (pure IP surveillance)
  • Three-monitor display
  • Maximum storage capacity up to 200 TB (4U 20-Bay) / 160 TB (3U 16-Bay) / 80 TB (3U 8-Bay)
  • Hot-swap status LED panel
  • Dual Gigabit LAN ports
  • 4U (20-bay) or 3U (16 / 8-bay) hot-swap SATA HDDs for data storage
  • Built-in 4 inputs and 4 outputs
  • Extreme performance for GV-VMS software operation
  • Pre-installed SSD for recovery
  • Supported RAID type:0,1,3,5,6,10,00,30,50,60,100 Single Disk or JBOD (optional)
  • Redundant power supply (optional)
  • Compatible with full selections of GeoVision accessories
  • CE, FCC, LVD compliant

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GV-VMS is a comprehensive video management system that records up to 64 channels of GeoVision and/or third-party IP devices. The live view and playback layout can be easily adjusted with the intuitive drag-and-drop function. GV-VMS comes with a variety of intelligent video analytics to offer precise monitoring and to reduce the need for manual supervision. The built-in Webcam Server allows users to remotely access live view and recordings from anywhere using Web browsers, mobile app and Remote ViewLog. Compatibility with GV-CMS (GeoVision Central Monitoring Station) and interoperability with a wide selection of third party IP cameras through ONVIF make GV-VMS a versatile and effective surveillance solution.

  • Support Fisheye Dewarping (GeoVision and 3rd party fisheye cameras)
  • Support H.265 and Smart stream CODEC to reduce file size and bandwidth
  • Retail Video Analytic ( People Counting / Heat Map )
  • General Video Analytic (Intrusion Alarm / Crowd Detection / Scene Change Detection / Privacy Mask / Unattended and Missing Object Detection)
  • Advanced Video Analytic (Face Recognition)
  • Dual stream resolution for monitoring and recording to save CPU usage
  • Quick Search Method (Timeline Search / Object Search by Area)
  • Multiple monitor display for live view and playback on different monitors
  • E-Map / IO Device Control / PTZ Auto Tracking
  • Text alert using a PC / mobile device by motion detection / input trigger
  • GeoVision Dynamic DNS server to register domain name if no fixed IP address
  • Support Microsoft SQL and Access database type
  • Central password management integration with Windows Active Directory
  • Support GeoVision, 3rd party IP camera and ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP protocol
  • Support GeoVision central monitoring station software (GV-Center V2 / GV-Vital Sign Monitor / GV-Dispatch Server / GV-Control Center)
  • Mobile Remote Viewing (GV-Eye for Android Smartphone and iPhone / iPod / iPad)

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32CH 4K 256Mbps NVR w/ RAID5
The XRN-2011A is a 4K network video recorder that supports up to 32 channels, H.265/H.264/MJPEG, ARB & failover (N+1), 8 front hot swappable SATA HDDs (with a maximum internal storage capacity of 48TB), e-SATA/iSCSI storage, RAID-5, WiseStream compression technology, dual monitor video out, supports camera resolution up to 12MP recording/display and fisheye dewarping on web and CMS. Includes QR code for easy mobile app access.
Key Features:
  • Up to 32CH @12MP each
  • Supports H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • Max 8 Hot-Swap HDDs (RAID 5)
  • HDMI/VGA local dual monitor
  • HDMI up to UHD (4K) resolution
  • iSCSI storage supported
  • ONVIF camera compliant
  • QR code for easy mobile app access

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6MP Vandal-Resistant Indoor IR Network Dome Camera
The Wisenet X series powered by Wisenet 7 network indoor vandal dome camera features a modular structure, 6MP @ 30fps, motorized vari-focal lens 3x (2.8~8.4mm) (114°~40.2°). 131 foot IR viewable range for low light/no light monitoring. Triple codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG with WiseStream II technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. Additional features include extreneWDR, USB port for easy installation, advanced video analytics, sound classification and business analytics, shock detection, audio playback, true D/N, dual SD card slots, hallway view, HLC, defocus detection, DIS (Gyro), 12VDC/PoE, IP52, IK10, white color, optional black skin cover. The modular design allows for easy installation of the camera case separately from the camera module. In addition, the camera module box includes a cutout for easy configuration without disassembling the camera/case. Advanced cybersecurity built-in.
Key Features:
  • 6MP (3328×1872) resolution
  • 2.8~8.4mm 3x motorized varifocal lens
  • 131 foot IR viewable range for low light/no light monitoring
  • 30fps@all resolutions (H.265/H.264)
  • H.265, H.264, MJPEG codec supported, multiple streaming
  • Day & Night (ICR), extremeWDR, Defog
  • Shock detection, Loitering, Directional detection, Fefocus detection, Fog detection, Face/Upper body detection, Audio detection, Digital auto tracking, Sound classification, Tampering
  • Motion detection, Handover, Audio event playback
  • Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slots (Total maximum 512GB)
  • Hallway view, WiseStream II support, IP52, IK10,
  • LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction)
  • PoE / 12V DC, Bi-directional audio support
  • White camera with ivory skin included
  • 2 configurable I/O ports

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Q Series 6 MP Sensor 360˚ Indoor Fisheye Camera
The Wisenet Q series network Indoor fisheye dome camera provides a maximum resolution of 2048×2048 @ 30fps, with no blind spots. Capable of 360 degree coverage, featuring triple codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG with WiseStream technology, business analytics (heatmap and people counting), built-in SD card slot, PoE
Key Features:
  • 6 MP image sensor, 2048 x 2048 resolution output, 30fps
  • Fisheye lens 1.14mm (187°X187°)
  • Original fisheye view, onboard dewarding to Single panorama, Double panorama, Quad view
  • Lens rotation & analog video output for easy installation and adjustment
  • Triple Codec: H.265, H.264 and MJPEG multiple streaming
  • WiseStream II compression technology
  • WDR 120dB
  • Defocus, Tampering, motion detection
  • Heatmap, people counting business intelligence
  • SD card slot
  • IP42 rated, PoE powered
  • White camera body

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Security requirements vary. That is why Hikvision designs and tailors network cameras to meet various needs – from general video surveillance to video content analytics based on Deep Learning algorithms – and beyond.

Rendering high-quality images across a range of lighting conditions – while minimizing requirements on storage and bandwidth – and providing data-powered situational awareness to help you make smart decisions, our network cameras are the ideal choice for hundreds of application scenarios.



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