Systems Integration

Designing solutions that go beyond security, understanding your needs today and preparing your business for the challenges of tomorrow.


Professional Technology Solution & Integration Services

We are a system integrator who is committed to deliver the best technical solution and customer service throughout the whole life cycle of your system. With services from design, installation, commissioning and maintenance to end to end digitalisation, we provide a total solution.

Together with our partners we turn complex security requirements into strategic business advantages.


What We Do

Access Control (Card and Biometric)

Delivering Access Control solutions to manage, audit and control entry or exit to and from your premises by means of access tokens, biometrics (fingerprint, voice, iris, face), PIN Numbers or ANPR.

CCTV & Intelligent Surveillance

We work with most major CCTV manufacturers to deliver secure and robust CCTV systems that meet the customers’ needs and that ensure compliance.

Network Cable Management

Integrating Technology is at the forefront of network design, deployment and support, providing a cost effective and resilient infrastructure to support mission critical security and surveillance applications.

Turnstiles, Gantry, Mantrap Doors

The design of our entry control systems enables tailgating prevention to be tackled without impacting on the appearance of your premises. Use-case-dependent we can install airlock doors, speed gates or turnstiles.

Smart Car Park and Barrier Integration

We understand the various needs of both multi-level indoor parking and outdoor parking, and as such can provide a customised and smart solution that suits any site configuration.

Security Consultancy and more

With experience in a diverse range of industries, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge to every project. Our engineers will assist you with specs for your business need and design a tailored security solution.

We Provide Simple Control of Integrated Systems and Automation

Our mission is to connect people with innovative technology solutions to simplify and enhance their lives.

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, we pride ourselves on not only staying current, but anticipating the future and preparing our customers for it.

A relationship with Integrating Technology ensures that your technology needs and desires will be fulfilled expertly, efficiently and exceptionally.


Integrating Technology is a trusted partner of MNCs and SMEs alike for their operations in South East Asia.

Our customers can feel confident that they get high quality products coupled with the best integration. 




Finance and Banking

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